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Garage Door Rollers Service By Doctor Garage Door Repair Lewisville TX

Types of Garage Door Rollers

There are different types of rollers for different kinds of garage doors. Rollers play major role in making sure the garage doors operate smoothly. In the market, you can find the following:

  1. Nylon Rollers – most of the residential garage doors use nylon rollers. This type is tagged as “super quiet” and is three times longer than the standard roller. Some has 10 to 13 ball bearings which allow the door operate smoother and without noise.
  2. Plastic Rollers – this type comes standard with any new door. It is made of plastic and has no ball bearings. These rollers usually have two to three years life span before you need to change them.
  3. Steel Roller – this type is a little upgrade from the plastic roller. It has seven ball bearings which can be lubricated and has over five years of life span. There are also other kinds of steel rollers which has 10 ball bearings. The exposed ball bearings give lubrication point to extend the life of the rollers.
  4. Magnum Garage Door Rollers – this type is top of the line. The rollers can excel in harsh environments and estimated to last 100,000 cycles. Its double sealed ball bearings are already pre-lubricated perfect for wet areas such as car washes, poultry farms, cold storage facilities, chemical plants among others.

Garage Door Rollers Repair

Garage door rollers come in different shapes and sizes. They are made of varying materials. It is important to use the right type of rollers in your door, not just for the style but to ensure safety. Experts say that the owner should be aware of the actual dimensions of the roller and the purpose they will be using the door for. The materials which made out the door can also affect the life span of the rollers, its resistance against high-moisture environment, and the weight that the rollers can lift.

Other experts added that the safest way to change your rollers is to look at the material which your rollers are made out of. However, the best and most sure way to solve this dilemma is to contact us at Doctor Garage Door Repair. Following are the basic services we provide to repair garage door rollers:

  1. The first step in repair could be lubricating the rollers. This is the simplest solution to noisy and sticking garage rollers in garage doors.
  2. When the problem is beyond lubrication, replacing the garage door rollers is the best option. Through the years of usage, the rollers can seize up and become noisy eventually making it harder to raise the door.

The World Wide Web has different articles on the step by step of do-it-yourself garage door rollers repair. You might think it is easy but assessing and identifying the right and easiest solution to your concern is what we can best offer.

Your Trusted Handyman in Roller Garage Doors Repair

The garage doors are essential household equipment which help ensure our safety and security in various imaginable ways. It could be made of aluminum, wood, steel, or fiberglass and could be in different sizes. However, years of regular usage, internal damage, or just the cycle of wear and tear could later on cause malfunction. The springs of your door might need replacement due to extreme tension. The opener’s photo eyes might require realignment while your door cables could already be broken because of continuous tension; do not just sit and wait until your door fully malfunctions, as thi could harm you, your family, and damage some of your properties. It is vital to know how to maintain and assess the early onset of damage, but it is of greater importance to know who you can call in times of urgent repair. This is when the highly skilled and trained repair technicians of Garage Doors Lewisville TX can help you! Our years of expertise in the field, state-of-the-art tools and technology assure the top of the line service.

Our lines are open 24/7, seven days a week to answer your concerns. We offer nothing but the best services in roller garage doors maintenance and repair. Our services include but not limited to replacement of garage door rollers, cables, hinges, track adjustment and replacement and assessing the weather stripping seals. Contact us so we can provide free assessment of your garage door and the solution that matches your need and budget!

When to Repair Your Roller Garage Doors

The regular life span of garage door rollers last about 20 years with 15,000 cycles. This computation is based on your typical usage of the door in the morning when open it and when you close it in the evening. However, this life span lessens as you use your door more frequent particularly if you operate a commercial establishment such a car wash or poultry farm. The garage door rollers extend out from the door’s side and lock into the track to keep its movement in place. Other factors also affect the length of the door rollers’ life such as the proper installation of rollers.

Make sure your rollers are moving smoothly and are quiet while you open or close the door. Otherwise, particularly when the movement seems strained, the rollers may need lubrication or might require replacement. Observe also if your door is catching as you open and close it. Listen if you door makes rattling or screeching sounds while moving. Finally, take a closer look if part of the door is hanging down when the door is fully opened. Please be cautious that if rollers do not function right, it will affect the movement of the entire door and might cause major problems later on such as injuries and damage to your properties. To avoid high risks of bigger concerns in the future, contact our specialists and have them check your garage door rollers! Give us a call and let our helpful and efficient customer service representatives address your garage door rollers-related problems!

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