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Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Service By Doctor Garage Door Repair Lewisville TX

The Doctor of Your Garage Door Installation Problems

At Garage Door Repair Lewisville TX, your garage door injuries will be quickly addressed in a span of minutes from arrival. If you happen to live in Lewisville, Texas and you want to have a garage door installed in your home, just contact us and we will gladly help you with your concerns. Garage doors have become the main entry point for every member of the family. Thus, it is very inconvenient and stressful when you go home from work to find out that your garage door rollers, openers, and other parts are malfunctioning.

Our company is a trusted and budget-friendly provider of garage doors in Lewisville, Texas. We can provide you exceptional parts, maintenance, repairs, and other garage door services. We even specialize in garage door installation to give you that perfect garage door fit. We have been in business for several years now and have catered to several garage door concerns with utmost care. We have the skills, training, equipment, and the right team to get the job done effectively. Our services are focused more on garage door installation, commercial services, entry doors, and residential garage door openers. The garage door installation cost is budget-friendly that suits every customer’s taste. Our services are designed to give a more improved and long-lasting garage door so you won’t spend a lot of repair costs in the future.

Garage Door Installation

Are you considering a Do-It-Yourself garage door installation? If you do, then you probably need to consider these step-by-step instructions. However, you need to bear in mind that if you want a long-lasting and problem free garage door in the future, contact an expert on this matter. First, you will need someone to assist you during the installation process. Take note that garage doors are heavy, large, and some are complicated. Second, tack the panel and have the hinges attached to your doors. Third, assemble the garage door tracks. By now, you should already be familiar with the manufacturer’s manual since you will use this during the installation process. You have to assemble the several pieces for the tracks to work according to the instructions provided in the manual.

The fourth step is to install the brackets and rollers. Fifth, with the help of your companion, guide the rollers into the tracks and connect the sections. You just have to fasten the hinges to connect the sections together. Sixth, fasten the tracks and top plates and attach brackets to the garage door framing. After which, you will have to attach the jamb brackets to the garage door tracks and fasten them. Seventh, install the horizontal and curved tracks by bolting the pieces all together. Eight, mount the tracks to your garage door hangers. Attach the track hanger to the solid framing and loosely mount it. Lastly, adjust the torque tube. If you want to use a garage door opener, you really need to install the torque tube. Check your manual for further instructions and you are done.

Garage Door Installation Cost

A single brand-new garage door would cost about $500 to $900. Some people demonstrate that average garage door owners can install the doors in 9 hours, while professionals do it in 5 hours. The question now is, whether it would be convenient to install the doors on your own. You can, but it is tough and not really reassuring. The typical garage door installation cost includes the services of a contractor, door styles, and openers. In locating a contractor, you have to make sure that you hire contractor services near your area to defray unnecessary expenses. Single tilt-up models cost $400, $900 for single roll-up models, $1300 for custom roll-up models, and $2600 for solid wood custom models. When it comes to door styles, it is best that you consider other features such as windows, frames, and insulation. A garage door with good insulation can reduce your energy costs by 20% per month. As for the openers, the prices range from $160 up to $280. Purchase openers with an automatic security. It would cost $50 each.

Apart the services of a contractor, door styles, and openers, you also have to consider the width, lighting, and steel entry doors. Consider 3 x 68 single exterior doors. Although it may require carpentry, it will give you more flexibility in the choice of other garage doors. The average cost ranges from $250 up to $900 each. Steel entry doors can ensure that garage door owners will have wider options for single way structures. Make sure you consider all these before purchasing or installing your garage doors.

Answers to Common Garage Door Problems

Here are some of the most common problems from garage door owners’ experiences. When your garage door won’t open, commonly this is caused by a broken spring. You can determine it by checking the springs located above the opening of your doors. On the other hand, when the garage door won’t close, the problem is that it might be misaligned. The openers are not attached to your tracks. Then, better call a professional. When your remote does not work, check if the light is still blinking. All you need to do is to push and hold the lock button.

When your garage door starts to lower and stays that way for seconds, there might be objects blocking your door’s path. Procure a step ladder to have a view of the tracks. Once you see the problem, fix it and grease it up to enhance mobility. If your door doesn’t even attempt to go down, the problem might be your transmitter or batteries. If you have a non-responsive garage door but you can still see lights on your receiver, you can try opening it. However, if the door still remained closed, then you probably need to contact Doctor Garage Door Repair to replace your batteries or transmitter. There is no harm in doing or fixing the problem by yourself. But it is best that you consult an expert when it comes to major problems.

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