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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available kinds of garage door construction?

Garage doors are constructed in several ways. The least expensive and simplest type of construction includes a panel of steel or just a single sheet that makes the door. Steel doors also vary in thickness. It ranges from 20 to 27 gauge.

How are the pre-finished doors cleaned?

Remove any mildew, chalk, or dirt by using a mild detergent mixed with warm water. After this, rinse and let it dry completely. You can also apply car wax if preferred. Never use a pressure washer in cleaning your doors.

How is the wood garage doors cleaned?

Schedule a yearly cleaning of your wooden garage doors in order to prevent or just prolong its wear and tear. Same as the pre-finished doors, clean it with a mild detergent mixed with warm water and remove any mildew, chalk, or dirt.

How often should I acquire service assistance?

You can schedule an annual service on your garage door in order to ensure that it is working properly. However, if your doors are undergoing a lot of noises, you probably need to inquire service assistance everytime it gives this initial warning.

Can I paint my pre-finished garage doors?

Yes, you can. However, before painting it with the desired color, see to it that you performed a good cleaning process on the doors. Make sure to remove every dust particles off them. Also, you need to remove the surface wax to prevent the flaking and peeling of your paint.

How do I know that the garage door springs are properly balanced?

Just disengage the operator and open the door halfway. Although you may experience a slight drifting, the doors are properly aligned if it falls properly. If it opens and drops on its own, the springs should be realigned by garage door professionals.

How can I open the doors by hand?

Just pull down the release cord in order to open your garage doors. Keep in mind that you should always take caution when opening it, especially when the doors are not fully closed since it would tend to slam down when the release cord is pulled.

Can I replace only one section of the door?

Yes. However, it would still depend on the type of door and damage you have. There are garage doors that do not allow partial replacement, especially when there is a major damage to the doors. You can contact your garage door service provider to provide you with details of the replacement.

Can I repair the garage door springs on my own?

Yes, but only when you have minor spring problems. If you seem to have a major problem, never attempt to repair or replace the springs. Garage door torsion springs can easily break during the repair process, especially when rusted and broken.

Why is my opener transmitter not working?

Check your push button or wall console if it is set on ‘Lock’ mode. If yes, just simply hold the button to change the setting. If the problem still persists, try checking the battery. Replace it when needed. Keep in mind not to change the coding switches when you are replacing the battery.

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